To Rip Off.

  • Is a colloquial ( slang / street) expression that means  a product or service is overpriced, or too expensive relative to it’s quality.

    In my opinion, women are ripped off in general, and  the price of a pair of Manolo Blahniks is a huge RIP OFF.  Yes, I know they are super sexy and they scream at you, ‘put me on’.  However, at 800 Euros a pair, who are they kidding?!  I say, get yourself down to Dunnes and buy a pair of flip flops for the bargain price of: 2 Euros. Get in!


3 responses to “To RIP OFF

  1. Really!!??…Sometimes take the time to do calculations is terrible……what leads me to think that we must take at least eight more weeks of holidays per year…what hurts the most!!!…so…why not take them?…You know: No ‘pay’ no gain…and no rip-off

  2. Fantastic idea!! Please inform the British Government – they struggle with this concept. Love the no ‘pay’ play on words. Brilliant!!! It’s a classic!

  3. I think most of houses prices are a rip-off. And many clothes like Adidas or Nike sport clothes. Althought they are ‘daylight robberies’ people like them. I prefer wait to sales or even going to Primark.
    All the best
    Miguel Angel

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