BARCA, BARCA, BARCA- Make my day!

icing on the cakeI’ve had the perfect day:

  • This morning I bumped into a friend while I was on my way to the beach
  • A stranger stopped me in the street and treated me to a coffee
  • I bought an invention which means I will never have to sew ever again.  However, it does mean I need to learn how to use an iron
  • My little nephew has stopped calling me aunty and now uses my real name: Juanita

So what could make my day even better? Well, the icing on the cake would be a Barca victory.  I know, many of you are Real Madrid supporters but what can I say: Bring it on CR7, WE ARE READY!

Stay calm and enjoy the match!


2 responses to “BARCA, BARCA, BARCA- Make my day!

  1. Congratulations! Yoy must be over the moon today!

  2. Hi Mayte,
    What a match, what a score. Yes, I’m over the moon and full of beans. It’s great to be back in Spain! Hope you are well! Jx

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