Lola Says: Car Flirting

Car-FlirtingLast week I needed to fill up my car in a petrol station. I arrived at the petrol station after another car who stopped in one side of the fuel dispenser at the same time I was stopping at the other side. When I got out of my car, out of the blue we were looking at each other eyes at the same time.

While he was filling up his car I went to pay; I usually pay before I fill up the car. Just when I finished paying he came into the shop and we looked at each other again. When I finished filling up my car he got into his car and said to me “Bon voyage”. (I´m sorry, he said it in Spanish but it sounds better in French.) I didn´t respond to him because I was shocked.

Casually, we went the same way and we began to car flirt! I have to recognise that it was so exciting because sometimes I needed to drive very fast, even above the speed limit. Furthermore, I had to pay attention to driving to prevent an accident.

But, the nice thing about this is that in this motorway there are a lot of speedcams. I know where they are, more or less, and when I was near one I reduced my speed to the speed limit, as he him. But my car flirting partner didn´t see one so I needed to advice him with my car lights that he was going to cross one speedcam.

When we took our different ways we waved each other off. Even though I didn’t know him car flirting is an awesome way to pass a long journey.

Have you ever tried it?


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