how_to_get_laidIt’s incredible how confusing this little verb, TO GET, can be.

Unfortunately, the reason is because it means different things in different situations.  Here are a few common situations:

TO GET + direct object = to obtain, to receive, to buy:

To obtain

  • She got her driving license last week.
  • They got permission to live in Switzerland.

To receive

  • I got a letter from my friend in Nigeria.
  • He gets $1,000 a year from his father.

To buy

  • She got a new coat from Zara
  • We got a new television for the sitting room.

TO GET + place expression = reach, arrive at a place:

  • We got to London around 6 p.m.
  • What time are we going to get to Álora?
  • When did you get back from Vietnam?

TO GET + adjective = to become, show a change of state:

  • It’s getting colder.
  • I’m getting sick to the back teeth of the rise in costs of electricity
  • It gets dark very early in the winter.

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