slugs dnaRecent research has suggested the following 6 incredible facts:

  1.  The biggest killer in America isn’t cancer, it’s obesity. 66% of the U.S. is obese, including a lot of children and teens, and 1 in 4 people in America dies of a preventable, food-related disease.
  2. A little danger is good for both kids and grown-ups, and it makes you into a more versatile, well-rounded person.
  3.   Stress by itself doesn’t affect your health. How you think about stress does.
  4. You have three brain systems for love: lust, romantic love, and attachment. To develop more intimate relationships with your significant other, it’s important to invest in all three.
  5.   One of the most effective ways to cure poverty in developing countries isn’t food, cattle, or anything else – it’s giving away mobilephones.
  6.  35% percent of people who are using personal adds for dating are already married.

Well, in my opinion, I agree with 3, I am in two minds about 1, and I think 2 are complete claptrap.  What’s your opinion?

BourbonOn a personal note, I’ve just learnt the following incredible facts:

There are 67 calories in A SINGLE SMALL bourbon biscuit and only 100 calories in a shot of bourbon, tequila, rum or vodka.

GET IN!! Wonderful news; the lesson to learn from this FACT is that we should eat less biscuits and drink more alcohol. OMG, I’m on cloud 9, yet more medical evidence to support alcohol consumption on a regular basis.

Now, if you’ve got a complaint about my rational please don’t comment to me, if I were in your shoes, I’d write to an official Medical Board. I didn’t make up this FACT so it’s not my fault.

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