pillow bonnetThe Bonnet Pillow: In or Out?

This invention, a pillow attached to the head, tickled me pink. Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a pillow attached to their head? Whether you’re in public or in the privacy of your own home there is no way this can be comfortable. My initial thought was that this invention is RIDICULOUS.  On the other hand, what a brilliant idea! We are all hardworking people who deserve a break every once and a while. What better way to indulge in a good cat nap than attaching a pillow to your head.  One minute you’re working away at your desk, busy as a beaver, and the next, you’re at your desk, head down, dreaming about the warm beaches of Mexico.  Genius!

So, my questions to you are these:

  1.  Is the pillow bonnet in or is it out?
  2. What do you think is the most incredible invention?

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