incredible synonyms

It has recently been suggested to me that life is becoming more INCREDIBLE. As a result of still being in post-holiday bliss and the recent owner of another sexy Apple gadget I instantly agreed. However, after a few too many glasses of red wine and a vodka chaser, I pondered more on this matter and thought, actually, what did he mean?

Is it that life is A: ‘more impossible to believe’, or B: ‘more wonderful’. And, is one definition negative and the other positive? OMG, I know – too much thinking!
Anyway, when faced with a dilemma of this magnitude, I always think it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons by writing a list. (On the other hand, it’s true; one could always save time and consult the font of all knowledge and wisdom: ‘Wikipedia’ for the answers,) but to cut to the chase, this is what I came up with:

Life is Incredible
So I ask YOU:
1, Is it true that life is more INCREDIBLE?
2, What 5 things would you say are impossible to believe and what 5 things would you say are wonderful?

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