Happy New Year Wishes

Happy New Year Inglés Málaga
At this time of year it is customary to make a few wishes so you start the New Year in a good mood. Since I was 25 my wish list has always been the same. Namely:

  1. Someone gives me a 1963 Aston Martin Convertible
  2. George Clooney knocks on my door wearing his birthday suit holding  a 6 pack of beer
  3. Leeds United win the English Premiership and beat Real Madrid in the Champions League

1963AstonMartinDB4Convertiblegeorge_clooney_01Leeds United 1992Unfortunately, my wishes have never been granted.

Seriously, what’s the story with my fairy godmother?!  I wonder if she is permanently on strike?!

Anyway, this year, my wishes are for you.

I wish that you all have a healthy year; full of joy, happiness, success and a lot of naughty moments. Live life to the full!

Thank you for an amazing 2013.  It has been a riot! Enjoy the start to 2014 and I’ll see you soon!


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