WRITING ACTIVITY THREE: An Oscar Acceptance Speech

kateThe Oscars are one of the most prestigious awards for people who work both on screen and behind the camera.

We all have our favourite actors, actresses and celebrities, but do we know the people who make it all happen. The producers, the directors, the sound recordists, the camera operators, the stunt men and women, the interpreters, the lighting directors, the writers……. etc. Unfortunately, for many of us the answer is no.
The Oscar’s aren’t really my cup of tea as I’m not that keen on fashion, neither listening to the stars thanking their parents, husbands, wives and children for their patience and support. Not to mention the crying and boo hoo hoo-ing; why do they all blubber so much?

If I were in their shoes, I would be jumping for joy, shouting: ‘I am a WINNER – GIVE ME THE STATUE’.

So, imagine you are the best; you are brilliant and you have just won an Oscar. What would you write in your acceptance speech?

Do you need inspiration? Ok, no problem, check out what Forrest Whittaker said when he won Best Actor in a Leading Role for The King of Scotland. Click here.

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