READING CHALLENGE FOUR: Film Genres: Navel-Gazers

tree of lifeI can’t stand predictable plots or films that are ‘navel gazing’. In my opinion the critically acclaimed film The Tree of Life was a navel gazer. I spent the entire 2 hours asking my mate when the film was going to start and at the same time thinking about how long it takes paint to dry.

Unfortunately my mate was far too busy trying to find all the popcorn he had dropped on his pants to worry about the film. The other 2 cinema goers were snoring on the front row. Hardly evidence for a satisfied audience! I’m sorry, I know I know nothing about films or life in general, but The Tree of Life, Brad Pitt or no Brad Pitt is just CRAP! I’m sure I’ll get letters, possibly my deportation papers but I don’t care, I can take it.

If you’ve seen it, what was with the dinosaurs? The dinosaurs are hardly role models for a better way of life, I mean come on, they are EXTINCT, KAPUT, NO MORE. Mr Profound Director, which part of ‘they didn’t make it’ don’t you get?!

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