Adele: Someone Like You

adele someone like you Adele sings a beautiful ballad about the bitter sweet  taste of falling in and out of love.

Check it out and improve your listening comprehension, and your knowledge of phrasal verbs in context:

I heard that you’re settled down, that you’ve found a girl and that you’re married now

Click here for the track and lyrics:


One response to “Adele: Someone Like You

  1. I just adore this song!!!

    However in my view, Adele style is too British and well-mannered when it comes to falling out of love and breaking up: ‘I wish nothing but the best for you, too’…REALLY?!!!!

    Truth be told, I’m more keen on Sweedish style:

    ‘I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.
    I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.’

    I Love it, Icona Pop:

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