READING: Developing Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligenceDeveloping Emotional Awareness

It is said that emotions are the glue that connects you to other people and gives meaning to life. They are the foundation of your ability to understand yourself and relate to others.

When you are aware and in control of your emotions, you can think clearly and creatively; manage stress and challenges; communicate well with others; and display trust, sympathy, and confidence. But lose control of your emotions, and you’ll spin into confusion, isolation, and negativity. By recognizing and harnessing your emotions you can gain control over the way you react to challenges, improve your communication skills, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

What are your feelings? Do you think we should all develop better emotional intelligence?

I’m not really sure as there are definite advantages of sometimes completely losing the plot or losing yourself in the emotion. For example, it was completely satisfying when I had a massive argument with a friend and started throwing pots and pans at her, and no, I have no regrets about not managing my rage. Also, in my defense, she started the fight by hurling a frying pan at my head when I was asleep. Furthermore, if I had managed my emotions better, I would have never quit my job and moved to Spain. Moreover, some of the best songs ever written are the products of ‘uncensored emotion’.


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