Vocabulary Challenge: Emotions

emotionsHow do you feel?

Think of different situations which make you feel: sad, fed up, overjoyed, glum, gloomy, thrilled, excited, cheerful, shocked, annoyed, to be full of beans, to have ants in your pants, angry, grateful, thoughtful….

For example: Janette usually feels these emotions in these situations:

  1. England playing football: Disgusted, gloomy, depressed, to be down in the dumps
  2. Drinking beer, eating junk food and playing pool: Overjoyed, excited, to be over the moon, to be on cloud nine
  3. Going shopping and doing my accounts: Glum, bored, irritated, annoyed, frustrated

Want to learn more vocabulary connected to emotions? Yes, sure, why not? Click here: Adjectives _Emotion

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