Malaga – Networking for entrepreneurs – Networking y emprendedores en Malaga

Monday July 01st  – 8pm

Location El Jardin: Calle del Císter, 4 29015, Málaga

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  • Are YOU getting what you want out of YOUR business?

    Dear Entrepreneurs,

    Come and join us this Monday and bring your vision forward at greater speed by positioning your EXPERT status to help YOU become THE brand LEADER of choice in your industry.

    Why should you come??

    • To get connections you need to move your business to the next level.
    • To get and share great ideas.
    • To simply have fun with great like-minded entrepreneurs.
    Please feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and business partners to the event and tell those who you think might be interested by simply forwarding this information to them.

    All sectors of business welcome.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Queridos Emprendedores,

    Hemos decidido hacer este evento para poder conocer gente con mentalidad empresarial y poder ampliar su conocimiento en diversos campos.

    Hacer “networking” forma parte de esa segunda tarea. Una parte muy importante de los eventos es unir personas y negocios para crear así nuevas oportunidades.

    En este evento podremos compartir algunos puntos básicos que pueden marcar la diferencia a la hora de tener éxito como emprendedores.

    Espero que podáis atender todos e invitar a amigos y familiares.

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