Lola says: Fed Up of Diets

dietsTwo days ago I heard two women talking about someone who had lost a lot of weight with a diet: The Diet Number. Don´t worry, I also have never heard about this diet before. Yes, I know, it´s incredible how many kinds of diets you can find on the market.

This makes me think that we are not in the Era of Technology, we are in the Era of Diets. In fact, it´s easier to choose a car than to choose the best diet for you because each month a new diet is developed with the same strapline: “New Revolutionary Method to Loose Weight“. So, if your last diet didn’t work you can try another one. I´m sure that you are not going to loose any kilos but you will have a very nice time tasting different diets, and by the way you can improve your knowledge of food..

The most important thing is not what the diet is, but it if works, and if the kilos you loose you don’t put back on.

Curiously, despite the fact that so many people are on a diet, the health service is worried because there is an increase of overweight. Then I ask myself, where is the problem: is it in the people or is it in the diet?!

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