Lola says: Put an eyeball on it!

take a lookOn the 6 of June Tom Sharpe died. This event reminded me of when I, twelve years ago, had to read “Wilt” in English because I had to write an essay for my English class. I had to recognize that I couldn’t read it in English.

Oh my god, he uses vulgar , crude and offensive vocabulary that I wasn’t able to understand so I needed to waste a lot of time looking for the meaning of words in the dictionary. As a result of this I decided to read it in Spanish and to write the essay in English.

I spent all the time, during the reading, laughing. The book is a hilarious, loony story about Wilt, the main character, and his wife, Eva who was up to her neck in her sexual liberation.

Despite the difficulty of the vocabulary it could be a good idea to put an eyeball on the book and look for this ‘special’ vocabulary. I´m sure that everyone can learn more colloquial English phrases reading this book than studying English. And, by the way have fun.

Of course, if you want to enjoy the book and understand it, please, read it in Spanish first.

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