Lola Says: Clarifications

ClarificationsLast week, someone wrote a comment about my column. She said to me that I need to learn how to use WhatsApp. Well, I think that she was on the point of calling me a “moron”. But I’m not bothered because the objective of the column is not to teach my readers.

In a nutshell, the main objective of my column is to make people laugh when they read it. Of course, if they, by the way, can learn new idioms, words, verbs and so forth, better.

Sometimes, to get it I need to exaggerate or devise some parts of the story, or even all the story. My purpose, when I’m doing this, is to have a nice time pulling someone’s leg.

So, now that I have given this clarification, I hope that the next time you read the column you only laugh and learn English.


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