Lola Says: Don’t pick up

 blocked mobileDo you know what you can do with some friends that you have as contacts in your mobile but don´t want to have any communication with them? For example, you can change their names in the telephone directory of your mobile.  I´ve a friend that has a contact in her mobile called “Don´t pick up”. Can you imagine, your name has been changed into “Don´t pick up”, and every single time you phone your friend in their mobile screen you can read “Don´t pick up”. I´m not sure if I would like to be this person, I would prefer to be eliminated from their telephone directory.

 The other thing that you can do with people that are a pain in the neck using WhatsApp is to block them. The funny thing is that you think that you have them under your thumb but you can have a big problem in the future, because if they continue sending you messages to your WhatsApp during the blockade when you unblock it all the messages that have been saved in the cloud are going to come in at the same time and this can clog up your mobile.

 So the best thing you can do is to think before giving your telephone number to anyone. Yes, I know, it’s easy to be wise after the event.


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