Lola Says:Keep people close to your heart

social networksI opened an account in Facebook some weeks ago. Yes, I know you are thinking that I’m the odd man out but I didn’t have enough interest in it before and I didn’t find it necessary. But now that my daughter is studying abroad I think that it will help me to be at peace because I can see how she is wasting her time looking at her photos.

The funny thing is that my husband, who has had a Facebook account since a few years ago and has never used it, now that I have Facebook he is all the time ticking on my photos, writing comments on my wall, and so forth. He also writes some comments on my posts and I reply to him that sometimes it is like we are having a conversation in the public eye.

So, I think that you can feel closer to your family or friends, even if all of you live in the same house, because you don´t need to wait to see them to say something to them. This technology increases communication between people and your friends can feel close to your heart.


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