Language Challenge: WORK AND JOBS

Business Plan

What are the phrasal verb equivalents for the following?

1. To deal with something that needs attention
2. To prevent someone from making progress in their career
3. To employ
4. To connect someone on the phone to the person they wish to speak to
5. To care for someone and keep them out of danger
6. To connect someone on the phone to the person they wish to speak to
7. To pay attention in order to try to notice something
8. To assist
9. To start a business

What are the correct collocations for the following?
1. To …….. a message’ (hand/give/put/leave)
2. To …….. a business’ = (do/hold/keep/run)
3. ‘To …….. a date’ = (put/make/set/let)
4. To …….. a profit’ (do/get/have/make)
5. To …….. attention’ (keep/pay/take/make)
6. To …….. a decision’ (achieve/reach/hit/gain)
7. To be in a ……..’ (rush/haste/hurry/speed)
8. To …….. an opinion’ (make/say/give/tell)
9. To be …….. work’ (tough/firm/hard/difficult)
10. To …….. a meeting’ (make/do/hold/take)
11. To be in …….. of’ (control/power/force/charge)
12. To …….. a fortune’ (achieve/make/win/take)
13. To be …….. pressure’ = (against/on/under/below)
14. To be in …….. of’ (control/power/force/charge)

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5 responses to “Language Challenge: WORK AND JOBS

  1. Collocations:
    13. under
    14.charge (same as 11)

  2. Good afternoon collocation King, very good!!!!!
    You have made a few mistakes.
    1- leave or give. E.g: Could I leave a message please? Or, Could you give a message to Mr Smith for me.
    6- reach

  3. Ok, thanks for comments. If you do not mind I would like to know a sentence with “reach a decision”. I am ready for challenges! Thanks again!

  4. The pleasure is all mine!

    1: Despite several disagreements the committee finally reached a decision.
    2: I don’t think the Government and the Trade Unions will ever reach a decision, their ideologies are too different.
    3: I have been in two minds about whether to take a city break or a beach holiday but yesterday I reached a decision. I’m off to the beach; pack the ice box and the beer.

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