Lola says: No, please!

hairdresserI really don’t like going to the hairdressers too much, but I also don´t like my grey hair too much. So, I don’t have any choice.

Whatever, to feel better I take a book with me to read so that I don´t have the impression that I’m wasting time.

But the worst thing is, is that the hairdresser is always wanting to change my look. Despite going to only have my hair dyed she always asks me to change the colour of my hair and cut it. So, the first fifteen minutes I have to spend it convincing her that I only want her services to dye my grey hair.

The only thing I let her do is to straighten my hair because I don´t have enough patience to do it myself at home, and anyway it only last for a few days till I wash my hair again.

The funny thing is that although she likes to change her look, I don´t. I feel as if I am in a disguise, just like an actress who has a different look in each movie.

NO, PLEASE, I don’t need to have the shock of my life; I want to recognize myself each morning when I look in the mirror.


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