Women race against cancer Málaga May 05th 2013

In Málaga this annual event is called: Women Against women race against cancerCancer.  In England it’s called: The Race for Life.  However, the name is not important, participating is.  Unfortunately, Cancer is personal for everyone, so lets tie up our trainer laces and run, walk, jog, skip or sing ourselves round 5.2ks on May the 5th.  You can enroll online or at the Estadio de Atletismo.  The last day for enrollment is the 21st of April, so make it a number one priority on your to do list.

It is said that Málaga IS the spirit of life, so let’s show the rest of the world that we also know how to ‘kick ass’ when it comes to supporting each other. Here’s the link with all the information in Spanish.  Come on, clickerty click

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