LOLA SAYS: Do shoes really make women happy?

manoloIn Spain, there is just one time a year that people pay special attention to the shoes of everyone: it’s is Holy Week. Yes, if you know someone that is going to go out in a procession as a penitent and you want to drop in, you need to know which style of shoes they are wearing to recognize them. So, during the procession you can hear phrases like: “Are they lacy-up shoes?” “Do they have a strap”  “Are they barefoot?”

But the funny thing is that the only day when everyone is thinking about shoes is the day when we are wearing the poorest, oldest and the cheapest.

However, during our daily grind when we like to wear beautiful and expensive shoes, with high heels, (you know, the ones that hurt your feet) nobody is going to look at them.

Despite costing an arm and a leg, which woman, including me, has never dreamt of wearing a pair of marvellous MANOLOS.

Watch people go crazy for shoes

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