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shark cage divingDirty Boots – Adventure Guide South Africa

Calling Adrenaline Junkies

If you could add an ‘adrenaline’ topping to your pizza, you would. Your adventure seeking soul has seen you jumping off bridges, tackling white water rapids and swing your way across gorges. You’re now looking for your next thrill, your next adventure fix, your next opportunity to say “That was mental!” Don’t worry! We’ve got a loads of white-knuckle adventures for you.

How about: Shark Cage Diving Ever heard of the Great White Shark? Yes, the one that practically swims around with the Jaws theme tune playing at its fins. Well you can now pay a company to throw you in a secure cage, lower you into the water and attract these sharks by tossing food in the water. This is an epic combination of learning, nature and adrenaline.

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