An Agony Aunt

An AGONY AUNT is a person who gives advice to other people. Agony Aunts usually work for newspapers, the television and the radio. You can also tell your problems to Internet Agony Aunts.

For example, Yesterday, I asked online Agony Aunt Mary to help me. I said: Oh no, I have a problem. My boyfriend can’t cook. What should I do? She said: You should dump in and marry Miguel Angel Silvestre. And, I said. What a brilliant piece of advice. Thank you.

Do you want to read some advice by a British Agony Aunt? Click here:
If so: Click here

Are Agony Aunts popular in Spain? Recent research suggests that 15% of the adult UK population ask for formal advice from a type of Agony Aunt at least once every 3 years.


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