Film Vocabulary

What do the following sentences mean?

  1. The film was ‘set in’ the 22nd Century.
  2. The film was ‘based on’ an E.M Forster novel.
  3. The film was ‘shot on’ location in New Zealand
  4. The film was ‘dubbed’ in Japanese
  5. Tom Cruise starred in all the Mission Impossible movies

2 responses to “Film Vocabulary

  1. 1. Tha film was MADE in …
    2. That novel was the inspiration of the plot
    3. The actors and director worked in New Zealand making the film
    4. People from Japan wanted to watch the film and they took off the original voices and put new voices in Japanese
    5. Tom Cruise interpretates the main caracther in all Mission Impossible movies

  2. Well done Miguel. Perfect!!
    The only issue I have is with the answer to number 1. What do you mean, ‘made’ in? This suggests that we are in the 22nd Century now, which in my book is mission impossible.

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