What Famous City am I in?

I’m having a lovely time shopping, but what city am I in?

City A:
This city has the market of all markets. It will blow your brain away! You will be amazed by its sprawling size, but perhaps even more so by the unbelievable variety of wares. Stumble across anything from vinyl records, beads, suits of armor to a live seahorse! Haggling is allowed; in fact, it is encouraged. Just do so politely. Possibly the most exhilarating, chaotic and lively shopping experience that can be had anywhere in the world.

City B:
When it comes to shopping here, your options are all but limitless. Here you’ll find many of the best department stores in the world, and countless boutique shops. You’ll also find fun open air markets and world famous toy stores. If you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped then you can take a break in, what is claimed to be, the biggest city park in the world

City C:

The city has a number of small fashion labels, elegant interior shops and high-quality bookstores for you to browse. With a multitude of shopping streets, this city is also a paradise for anyone looking for the perfect gift. Bargain hunters will be pleasantly surprised too, as the prices are relatively reasonable in comparison to other European capitals.

Take a guess. Post your answers here.

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