What’s my Job?

What do these people do for a living?  What are their jobs?

  1. My name is Maxine, I support and help ex-criminals to get jobs. I talk to employers, arrange interviews and help ex-criminals to write CVs and prepare for interviews.
  2. My name is Vera, I’m on my summer holidays and I’m working abroad. I live with a family and I look after 3 children. I help with the cooking and do some light cleaning around the house.
  3. My name is Bob and I’m self employed. I work for a variety of TV Production Companies and I have to make the actors and actresses look like the roles they are playing. I do not work with clothes or costumes.

5 thoughts on “What’s my Job?

  1. Very good.
    In the UK, it is more common to have the title: Probation Officer than Parole Officer.
    A maid is usually the job title for a person who does light cleaning and an au pair usually has to look after children and do light housework, including the cooking.

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