Vocabulary Challenge: Trips and Holidays

Improve your vocabulary by connecting nouns to verbs about a specific topic or situation.

Topic: Trips and Holidays

Challenge questions:

1) What type of holiday is it?
2) What nouns and verbs can you think of to describe each picture?
3) Do you know any idioms or expressions that you could say in this situation?

For example: We are in England; of course it is raining cats and dogs!

Post your answers in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.

4 thoughts on “Vocabulary Challenge: Trips and Holidays

  1. Set the mouse pointer over the pictures for finding what kind of holiday it’s: CITY BREAK.
    1.Culture, entertainment, history, shopping are waiting for you
    2. Don´t forget battery, memory card, battery charger and adapter plags and shoot your photos.
    3. to book a hotel room, to pick your key up, to have a rest, to empty the fridge
    4.take off, to pray, to land, to kiss the ground.


  2. Brilliant!! I love your little tip about the mouse pointer. Doh, I forgot I named the picture with the answer. What a ‘numpty’ I am!!

    I also love your idioms, but I don’t know either of them. What do they mean?
    Do you know the following:
    1: ‘Lock up the kids and run for the hills’ ( Actually, I made that up, can you imagine what I mean?)
    2: ‘To hang out’
    3: ‘To take the load off’
    4: ‘To unwind’ or ‘To wind down’ or ‘To Tune Out’
    5: ‘To chill out’

  3. Jaja. I thought it wasn´t a mistake but a big clue. What´s a numpty?
    “Lock up the kids and run for the hills”. Does it means, forget the things you worry, get anxious or bother and do what you wish doing?. -I like it.
    My proposed idioms mean: go away and don´t worry about minor or trivial things. At least, I understand it like that

  4. I just love your idiom and the explanation.
    Mine, ‘ run for the hills’ is literal, it really means, put your children in a room, lock the door, start running and never look back. Obviously, I’m joking as that would be illegal, not to mention inhumane.

    A ‘numpty’ is an expression I learnt when I lived in Manchester, it’s a very charming way of calling someone a ‘total idiot’. When people from Manchester found out I was a Leeds Utd supporter I was called a ‘numpty’ on a daily basis. The rivalry between Manchester Utd and Leeds Utd is like that of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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