The Bride and the Groom

In order to improve my Spanish vocabulary I subscribe to Dictionary.Com Every morning a little email drops in my inbox and teaches me something new.
Sometimes the words are just plain bonkers, for example, when would I need the Spanish word for Monkey Puzzle Tree? However, most of the time they are very helpful. So, today’s word was: To Get Married (casarse) This has made me think of some English expressions and vocabulary connected to the complicated ‘thing’ of: romantic relationships.

Here are Janette’s 13 steps to walking up the aisle of the church and saying: ‘REALLY!’

1. To meet someone ( Hello, you’re gorgeous)
2. To get on well withsomeone ( Great, we have a lot of things in common)
3. To ask someone out on a date ( Would you like to go on a date with me?)
4. To date and become a girlfriend or boyfriend or boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend (This is very complicated!!!!)
5. To fall in love ( This is even more complicated)
6. To ask someone for their hand in marriage ( More complicated!?!)
7. To get engaged with someone and become a fiancee or a fiance ( Would you like to get married?)
8. To argue (Why do we have to invite your ex boyfriend to the wedding?)
9. To fall out ( Oh no!!)
10.To make up ( Brilliant!!)
11.To get married and be the bride and the groom ( I do)
12.To be just married, and become the wife and the husband the husband and the husband, the wife and the wife
13. To go on honeymoon

Gosh, dating is very exhausting. I’m going to dump my boyfriend and buy a new Nano!!

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