Love, lust, dating and expressions

facebook defines relationshipsFacebook has a lot of images to describe the wide spectrum of romantic relationships. More importantly, the English language, as all languages,  uses a lot of different phrases to express the emotions of love, lust and dating. With this in mind, do you know what the following mean?

  1. To date someone
  2. To have the hots for someone
  3. To be going steady
  4. To be exclusive
  5. To get hitched
  6. To fancy someone
  7. To tie the knot
  8. To be friends with benefits
  9. To be a one night stand


Love, romance and Mr Valentine!

Valentine’s day is around the corner so it’s time to work out if you have a heart of stone or if you are  a ‘sucker’ for love.  Answer the 4 questions below and I’ll let you know.

  1. You are ‘staying in’ with your partner for a quiet night. Your partner asks you to go to the video shop to rent a film. What type of film do you bring home?
  2. It’s Friday night and you are looking forward to going out.  However, your partner is exhausted. What do you do?
  3. You are checking in at the airport and your partner has forgotten his or her passport. There is not enough time to collect it before your flight departs for a holiday of a lifetime. What do you do?
  4. Your partner has just come home after having a makeover . Do you say: 1) You look like a pig darling, 2) You look gorgeous darling or 3) You say something else.

Post your answers and I’ll tell you if your heart is in good working order.

To tie the knot

To tie the knotIs an idiom which means: To get married

For example, my sister and her husband tied the knot a few years ago. 

They are definitely not a traditional couple; they met online, she proposed to him, and their wedding invitation had a picture of two dodos on it.  She’s wore a 1950’s wedding dress and they used a vegan mobile catering service for their reception. The guests were asked not to give any wedding gifts and their two sons wore cartoon character costumes.

Do nothing: Make a reaction

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Do things: Make plans

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Do work: Make things

Do Work and Make Things



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Eye candy

eye candyEye candy is a common idiom to describe someone who you think is very physically attractive. Indeed, as it’s the month of ‘commercial’ love I’m looking for some eye candy to send my 14 Valentine’s cards that I bought the other week. That’s right; I like to keep my options open! As the common saying goes, ‘never put all your eggs in one basket’!
eye broccoliOn the other hand, my mate taught me a new idiom: ‘eye broccoli’ which means that someone isn’t very physically attractive. Well, I think that idiom is just stupid because broccoli is not only beautiful it’s also extremely delicious.

Music Challenge: Go to 12 gigs

gigMy younger sister has always been a music lover and she has gone to gigs ( music concerts) since she worked out how to sneak out of the house without our mother knowing, i.e. when she was about 14. So, my sister has set me a musical challenge whereby I have to see 12 new bands of different genres. I’m also a music lover but know a lot less about music than she does so I’ve got ants in my pants to start this challenge and get more into the music scene of Málaga, which, truth be told, gets better every year. Bring it on sister, I’m totally up for this challenge!

Film Challenge: Watch 12 best films ever made based on a book

film genresSo, my brother gave me this challenge as part of my list of resolutions. Obviously, I’m over the moon with this challenge, I can be a couch potato and at the same time feel like I’m achieving one of my goals. So, the problem is that we can’t agree on which films I have to watch.
The genres of the films are as follows:

  1. Best Thriller
  2. Best Sci-Fi
  3. Best Chick Flick – Romantic Comedy
  4. Best Horror
  5. Best Documentary
  6. Best Action
  7. Best Adventure
  8. Best Drama
  9. Best War
  10. Best Musical ( seriously?!)
  11. Best Gangster
  12. Best Animation

Right, let me know what I should watch and I’ll put the popcorn on and find the corkscrew. Finally, I know a lot of you are film buffs so don’t be shy, all suggestions are welcome.

Party Challenge: Organise family event

Family PartyEvery 2 years my extended family and our friends get together for a summer garden party. The party usually has a theme, involves a lot of daft games, an excess of alcohol and enough junk food to feed the entire village. So far, we’ve had the Olympics, the Football World Cup and the World Croquet Tournament. Much to my disgust, I’ve never been on the winning team and it’s very, very, very important to me that this year I can hold up the O’Carroll trophy with my team mates.

So, I need some ideas for a theme. What do you reckon is a good party theme for about 70 people with an age range from 1 to 90?